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Monday 13 October 2014 - 8.15 pm


Marius Flothuis (1967) foto Jac. de Nijs / Anefo
WORKS BY Jacques Goudappel, Otto Ketting, Marius Flothuis, Georges Enescu, Paul Hermann, Hans Henkemans, Sylvia Maessen

This is the 100th anniversary concert celebrating the birth of the composer Marius Flothuis. During the Second World War he was a prisoner in Vught concentration camp. Here he composed sensitive music to console himself and his fellow prisoners. Alongside Flothuis we present the works of several of his contemporaries in various combinations of trumpet, flute and voice. The programme includes the première of ‘De IJskoningin’ (The Ice Queen) by composer Sylvia Maessen.

Otto Ketting - Intrada (1958) for trumpet solo
Otto Ketting - Collage nr. 5 (1976) for piano solo
Marius Flothuis - Sonata da Camera (1943) for flute and piano
Marius Flothuis - Quatter Miniaturas Rumantschas (1956-6) for soprano and flute
Marius Flothuis - Vorfrühling' three songs for soprano and piano
Marius Flothuis - Aria (1944) for trumpet and piano
Georges Enescu - Légende (1906) for trumpet and piano
Paul Hermann - Three songs (1934-9)
Sylvia Maessen - IJskoningin (2013) for flute and soprano
Hans Henkemans - Three songs (1964) for voice and piano
Jacques Goudappel (1911-1995) - Sonata for trumpet and piano

Irene Maessen - soprano
Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Peter van Dinther - trumpet
Marcel Worms - piano


Monday 17 November 2014 - 8.15 pm


Hans Lachman
WORKS BY Walter Braunfels, Erich Korngold, Franz Schreker, Arnold Schönberg, Paul Hindemith, Houwert Krauss, Hans Lachman

The acclaimed English baritone Konrad Jarnot sings the songs of banned composers whose works could no longer be performed after 1933 in Germany and Austria. They left for other destinations including America where they tried to make a new life, often in de film industry. Recently the works of Korngold, Schreker, Braunfels and Lachman have come to light again. The programme includes a new flute solo, 'Orpheus', by Houwert Krauss.

Konrad Jarnot - bariton
Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Reinild Mees - piano


Monday 15 December 2014 - 8.15 pm


Szymon Laks
WORKS BY Bohuslav Martinu, Ernest Bloch, Szymon Laks, Darius Milhaud, Erwin Schulhoff, Mathieu Polak

The programme includes works by composers who left their homeland. Martinu, Bloch and Milhaud spent the Second World War years in America. The Polish composers Szymon Laks left as a young man for Paris. In Auschwitz he survived as arranger and conductor of the camp orchestra. The Czech Erwin Schulhoff was arrested in Prague; he died in Wülzburg concentration camp. The programme includes a première by the Dutch composer Mathieu Polak. The Berlin-based Jacques Thibaud Ensemble guarantees an electrifying performance!

Jacques Thibaud Ensemble:
Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Burkhard Maiss - violin
Bogdan Jianu - cello
Andrei Banciu - piano


Monday 16 February 2015 - 8.15 pm

Composing at sea

Leo Smit en Rosa Spier
WORKS BY Leo Smit, Claude Debussy, Jean Cras, Martin Fondse

Remy van Kesteren follows in the footsteps of the legendary harpist Rosa Spier, who played in the original performance of Leo Smit's Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp in 1926. Debussy's last Sonata written in 1917 is for the same instruments. Sea captain and vice-admiral Jean Cras wrote his Duet for Flute and Harp in Toulon in 1927. Martin Fondse has written a number of new works specially for Remy van Kesteren on the borders of jazz, classical and rock.

Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Prunella Pacey - viola
Remy van Kesteren - harp


Monday 16 March 2015 - 8.15 pm

Thoughts on the nocturnal side of life

Bob Hanf
WORKS BY Bob Hanf, Oscar van Hemel, Viktor Ullmann, Henriëtte Bosmans

An evening of unusual string quartets played by the outstanding Utrecht String Quartet. Henriette Bosmans composed a quartet as a birthday present for her tutor Willem Pijper. Oscar van Hemel also studied under Pijper. During the First World War he left Antwerp for the Netherlands. Christiaan Philippus Spinhoven (Spin for short) was the pseudonym during the Nazi repression of violinist, composer, writer and painter Bob Hanf. Most of his string quartets were never performed and Hanf died in Auschwitz. Viktor Ullmann composed his 3rd string quartet as a prisoner in Theresienstadt. These composers live on in their music.

Utrecht String Quartet:
Eeva Koskinen - violin
Katherine Routley - violin
Mikhail Zemtsov - viola
Sebastian Koloski - cello


Monday 13 April 2015 - 8.15 pm

The Starry Night

Joost Kleppe
WORKS BY Joost Kleppe, Peter Klatzow, Jacques Beers, Fania Chapiro, Franz Weisz, Richard Stöhr

Jacques Beers was described by Maurice Ravel as a 'musician of the future', but his life was tragic. Franz (Ferenc) Weisz was born in Budapest. He had a successful career in the Netherlands as composer and pianist, but died in 1944 in Auschwitz. Fania Chapiro, born in Surabaya, was a child prodigy. During the Second World War when she was only 15 she performed as soloist with the Jewish Chamber Orchestra. She survived the war. Seventy years after the war Joost Kleppe composed a work on the theme of how people deal with impossible injustice and loss. Peter Klatzow has specially composed a new work for Eleonore and Tatiana inspired by Vincent van Gogh's painting 'The Starry Night'.

Peter Klatzow - Night music with illuminations (2013)
Joost Kleppe - Persephone (2015, première)
Jacques Beers - Suite per flauto e pianoforte (1031)
Fania Chapiro - Sonatine pour le piano (1959)
Franz Weisz - Suite für Klavier (1922)
Richard Stöhr - Six sketches for piano and flute op. 90 (1943)

Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Tatiana Koleva - marimba
Marianne Boer - piano

Irene en Sylvia Maessen

Soprano Irene Maessen (left) premiers the song 'The Ice Queen' by composer Sylvia Maessen (right) in on 13 October 2014.

Konrad Jarnot

On 17 November 2014 the English baritone Konrad Jarnot sings songs by banned composers such as Erich Korngold and Walter Braunfels.

Jacques Thibaud Ensemble

The Jacques Thibaud Ensemble from Berlin appear regularly in the Uilenburg Concerts. This season they premiere a work by Mathieu Polak.

Remy van Kesteren - foto Merlijn Doomernik

On 16 February 2015 harpist Remy van Kesteren (photo Merlijn Doomernik) follows in the footsteps of Rosa Spier playing Leo Smit’s Trio for harp, viola and flute.

Utrecht String Quartet

On 16 March 2015 the Utrecht String Quartet premieres a string quartet by Bob Hanf.

Tatiana Koleva photo Pieter Boersma

Tatiana Koleva (photo: Pieter Boersma) and Eleonore Pameijer play new works by Joost Kleppe and Peter Klatzow.

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