20 years Leo Smit Foundation


Monday 14 October 2013 8.15 p.m.

Mélodies Retrouvées

Wilhelm Rettich
WORKS BY Wilhelm Rettich - Leo Kok - Jeanne Beyerman-Walraven - Lionel Ziblat - Alexander Rosenblatt - Philippe Gaubert

The Dutch composer Leo Kok had an eventful life. In the First World War he was behind bars as a consciencious objector and in the Spanish Civil War he was captured and imprisoned in Portugal. In 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo in Paris but he survived the War. For many years his works lay forgotten; likewise the songs of Wilhelm Rettich, Philippe Gaubert and Jeanne Beyerman-Walraven. At this concert we also present contemporary music by Alexander Rosenblatt and Lionel Ziblata. A CD of chamber music by Leo Kok will be presented.

Leo Smit Ensemble
Irene Maessen soprano
Eleonore Pameijer flute
Marcel Worms piano


Monday 11 November 2013 8.15 p.m.

Rapsodia Notturna

Gideon Klein
WORKS BY Hans Gál - Karol Rathaus - Gideon Klein - Sigmund Schul - Mathieu Polak - Leoš Janácek - Paul Dessau

Sigmund Schul and Gideon Klein were deported to Theresienstadt. Schul died there of TB; Klein was further deported via Auschwitz to Furstengrube, where he was eliminated just one day before peace was declared. Hans Gál and Karol Rathaus were able to flee in good time. Gál escaped to Vienna in 1933 and was then forced to flee again in 1938. He lived for the remainder of his life in Edinburgh, where he died in 1987. Rathaus fled via Paris and London to America. Paul Dessau also fled to the States, where he wrote theater music and worked together with Bertolt Brecht, amongst others. In this concert we present a reconstruction of Leos Janacek’s ‘Kreutzer Sonata’ for strings, based on the original, which was written as a piano trio.

Jacques Thibaud Ensemble
Eleonore Pameijer flute
Burkhard Maiss violin
Bogdan Jianu cello
Andrei Banciu piano


Monday 16 December 2013 8.15 p.m.

Homage to Jan Wolff

Jan Wolff
WORKS BY Dusan Radic, Isidora Zebeljan, Drasko Adzic, Ljubica Maric, Chiel Meijering, Leo Smit, Ignace Lilien en Sylvia Maessen.

Borislav Cicovacki is a Serbian writer and musician who has settled in The Netherlands. Following the partition of Yugoslavia he was unable to return to his native country due to the war situation. He has remained in The Netherlands. In February 1993 he set up the Barka Foundation to encourage art and support artists from his divided fatherland. From the outset he had the strong support of Jan Wolff, who frequently offered Barka his premises at the performing arts centre ‘De IJsbreker’. In 1996 the flautist Eleonore Pameijer and the pianist Frans van Ruth established the Leo Smit Foundation, with the aim of reviving the works of persecuted and forgotten composers for today’s audiences. Over the last few years both these foundations have given many successful concerts. Tonight the Barka Foundation and the Leo Smit Foundation pay tribute to Jan Wolff - that staunch advocate, spearheader and passionate promoter of the arts – with music by persecuted composers and some contemporary composers from former Yugoslavia and The Netherlands.

Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Borislav Cicovacki - oboe
Milos Veljkovic - piano
Aleksandar Stefanovic - accordion


Monday 20 January 2014 8.15 p.m.

La Fenice

Aldo Finzi
WORKS BY Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Leone Sinigaglia, Aldo Finzi

This evening’s concert is devoted to the works of three Italian Jewish composers. Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, with the help of the conductor Arturo Toscanini, was able to flee to America in the Second World War, where he became a famous film composer. Leone Sinigaglia was a student of Brahms and Dvorjak and, as an enthusiastic mountaineer, collected songs from the mountain region around Cavoretto. He was arrested in Turin in 1944 and promptly died of a heart attack. Aldo Finzi was born in Milan into a highly musical Jewish family. The prevailing antisemitism of the time put an end to his career and Finzi was forced into hiding. He died in 1945 and was buried under a false name.

Jacques Goudappel - Elegie for flute and piano
Roderik de Man - 'Cause life is surely too short - for solo guitar
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco - Capriccio Diabolico - for solo guitar
Leo Samama - 'To Italy' Fantasy for flute solo on a poem by Shelley
Aldo Finzi - Sonata for violin and piano
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco - Sonatina for flute and guitar
Leone Sinigaglia - Sonata violin and piano

Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Ursula Schoch - violin
Dario Macaluso - guitar
Marcel Worms - piano


Monday 17 February 2014 8.15 p.m.

The ox on the roof

Dick Kattenburg
WORKS BY Darius Milhaud, Leo Smit, Arnold Schönberg, Hans Gál, Erwin Schulhoff, Dick Kattenburg

Darius Milhaud originally wrote ‘Le boeuf sur le toit’ (the name of a traditional Brazilian dance) for a silent film starring Charlie Chaplin. He reworked the score for the ballet and later as a piano duet. Volker Ahmels and Friederike Haufe also play piano duets by Leo Smit, Arnold Schönberg, Hans Gál and Erwin Schulhoff. Recently the cheerful and jazzy works of Dick Kattenburg for four-handed piano were published by Donemus.

Arnold Schönberg - 6 Stücke für Klavier zu vier Händen
Erwin Schulhoff - Ironiën für Klavier zu vier Händen
Hans Gál - 6 Serbisch Weisen op. 3
Leo Smit - Divertimento voor piano vierhandig
Dick Kattenburg - Flirtations; Deux Valses a la Ravel
Ernst Toch - Sonate für Klavier zu vier Händen
Darius Milhaud - Le boeuf sur le toit op. 58

Volker Ahmels and Friederike Haufe – on four-handed piano


Monday 17 March 2013 8.15 p.m.

Three Hungarian Friends

Géza Frid
WORKS BY Zoltán Székely, Pál Hermann, Géza Frid, Zoltán Kodály, Bela Bartók

All three of tonight’s composers studied in Budapest under Kodaly and Bartok. They quit their own country and built a new life in The Netherlands. As performing musicians - Sze¬kely on the violin, Hermann on the cello and Frid on the piano – they were quick to make their name. As composers they are less well-known. They continued to maintain warm relationships with Kodaly and Bartok, who regularly visited their former pupils in The Netherlands. Paul Hermann did not survive the war. The three friends broke up but this concert once again restores their harmony.

Jacques Thibaud Ensemble:
Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Burkhard Maiss - violin
Hannah Strijbos - viola
Bogdan Jianu - cello
Wolfgang Kühnl - piano


Monday 14 April 2013 8.15 p.m.

War Tales with Jan Brokken

Nico Richter
WORKS BY Leo Smit, Dick Kattenburg, Pál Hermann, Wilhelm Rettich, Marius Flothuis, Nico Richter

Jan Brokken’s book ‘De Vergelding’ (Retaliation) came out in January 2013. This gripping narrative is set in the Dutch city of Rhoon during the Second World War. Tonight the author himself presents readings from his book, to the accompaniment of music by Dutch composers who were persecuted during the War: Leo Smit, Dick Kattenburg, Paul Hermann, Wilhelm Rettich and Nico Richter. Of these only Rettich survived the horror.

Eleonore Pameijer - flute
Marcel Worms - piano
Jan Brokken - readings

Jan Brokken

Jan Brokken talks about his book 'De Vergelding' (Retaliation) in April 2014.

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