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Leo Smit Ensemble



Eleonore Pameijer, Artistic Director of the Leo Smit Foundation, has assembled around herself a number of committed musicians with experience in playing hitherto unpublished music. In some cases this is music which has recently been discovered, and the musicians work from the composer's own handwritten copy. More often they play new pieces that have been specially composed for them. It goes without saying that to present such a concert of new music requires the utmost commitment and hundreds of hours of study and rehearsal.

Members of the Leo Smit Ensemble have all made their name in the international music world and they regularly play together in the Uilenburg Concerts and for CD recordings. The ensemble plays in various combinations, depending on the programme arranged by the Artistic Director.

Members of the Leo Smit Ensemble include:
Eleonore Pameijer, Artistic Director - Flute
Arjan Woudenberg - Clarinet
Irene Maessen - Soprano
Ursula Schoch - Violin
Elisabeth Perry - Violin
Ásdís Valdimarsdóttir - Viola
Stephan Heber - Cello
Michael Stirling - Cello
Marcel Worms - Piano
Tatiana Koleva - Marimba, percussion

At the GeNeCo Composer Salons in 2011, the Leo Smit Ensemble presented nine works by young composers in a public rehearsal. On this occasion the ensemble was conducted by Ruud van Eeten and the players were Eleonore Pameijer - flute; Arjan Woudenberg and Jesse Faber - clarinet; Irene Maessen - soprano; Elisabeth Perry and Richard Wolfe - violin; Asdis Valdimarsdottir - viola; Michael Sterling - cello; Tatiana Koleva - percussion; and Marcel Worms - piano.

Leo Smit Ensemble, left to right: Marcel Worms, Eleonore Pameijer, Irene Maessen and Stephan Heber.

Leo Smit Ensemble